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Our Partners

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Education Innovation Partnership Team is ready to deliver all the key elements of a large scale blended learning project.

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Rachel Shaw

Director of Projects

With an equal number of years spent in Education and managing high visibility and high volume brands in Industry our solutions are practical, high-impact and cost effective. We specialise in the delivery of programmes which benefit both teachers and pupils and have been designed with them in mind - front and foremost.

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Luca Sami

Lead Consultant, Mathematics

Luca's dedication to improving learners’ experiences with mathematics is informed by over 20 years of teaching and research into successful pedagogical practices aimed at providing learners with a strong foundation in mathematics that will serve them well in long term.

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Anna Bennett

Lead Consultant, English

Anna's background in the critical scholarship and pedagogy of literacy and literature as well as reading recovery and her authorship of several literature guides to set texts make her a perfect partner for this project.  Over15 years of classroom experience in state, grammar and private schools give her the practical experience needed to ensure that the materials we provide will reach those who have fallen behind as well as stretching the more able.

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Laura Downey York

Project Partner, NTP

Managing Director of Pre-Chewed Politics, Laura has extensive experience in launching and managing educational platforms streaming online video.  Prechewed's philosophy of creating videos to support independent learning and to advance knowledge and understanding and their engaging and innovative creative treatment make them a perfect partner for this project. 

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Marina Dovey

Production Manager

With a career spanning the BBC as well as numerous independent production companies and fully trained in project and collaboration software, Marina is an expert in pulling together complex and time-sensitive projects and in dealing with all aspects of video production and project management

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Online Video Platform Partner

Dacast is our chosen partner for video streaming.  As well as their gold star reputation in the video streaming industry, Dacast is equipped with gold-standard security features and powerful privacy settings to ensure that video content and sensitive information stays out of the wrong hands while delivering seamlessly it to the right audience.



Legal Services Partner

With over 30 years experience in international corporate law, legal training and conference hosting, PDO Law have the depth and expertise to support rapidly expanding businesses.

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