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The initiative that brought the Education Innovation Partnership Team together was the desire to provide School Leaders and Teachers with a cost effective way of delivering personalised professional development for all educators - wherever and whenever they need it.  


In October 2020, we were one of only 250 companies to win Innovate UK funding to make our vision for how to solve these issues a reality.  


Historically, in the education sector, teachers and other education professionals are often left to work out for themselves how to develop their professional knowledge and expertise.  With so much pressure on school budgets individual courses are just not affordable for more than a few - and most staff are not able to regularly access resources tailored to their individual needs, resulting in a highly variable experience in terms of professional development. This situation has also contributed to significant inequalities in terms of gender and ethnicity among those holding senior positions in education.  


Launched on June 1st 2021, Pedagoog is an online pedagogical library and web-app that provides staff in primary and secondary education with on-demand access to thousands of carefully selected, curated and frequently updated articles, courses and resources to support a truly ‘continuous’ approach to professional development.


Users can rate different articles, personalise, organise and share their research with colleagues and so learn from each other while building a training and career profile which can support successful appraisals and applications for promotion.

Pedagoog contains over 2000 articles, videos and courses, offering specific career path training for classroom skills, subject specific pedagogies, pastoral, curriculum and all areas of school management including admissions and marketing. 

The easy to navigate structure helps staff quickly find what they need but also invites them to discover new ideas by browsing sections. All key topics have a broad range of articles, from ‘top tips’ to in-depth research papers, to ensure that debates can be considered in a critical fashion and that users can find the right length of read for their available study time.


The need to provide teachers with more personalised professional development was identified in the 2018 report 'Developing Great Subject Teaching' by Philippa Cordingly et al.  More recently, the report from the Education Policy Institute (28th April 2021) is recommending that the Government fund a minimum of 35 hours a year of high quality CPD for teachers. They estimate that this could lead to higher GCSE grades, resulting in higher lifetime earnings for pupils of over £6,000.


Pedagoog is the right delivery mechanism to support this initiative.  It offers the widest range of articles and topics in a low-cost format that can be personalised or used to promote whole school initiatives.

To discuss becoming a Pedagoog Pioneer, please fill in the form here and one of our team will be in contact.

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