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The National Tutor Programme

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 EIP has developed a unique vision for the creation and delivery of Catch-Up lessons - a vision that will make Catch-Up available to all pupils, face to face tuition a reality for the most needy and give schools and teachers the agency to identify and support those who would be most suited both to receive and deliver the tuition.

The EIP models addresses the issues that any such programme will face - issues such as:

  • diversity not only of pupils' needs, but of the pace of the curriculum in different schools

  • the use of different exam boards and modules in secondary schools which increases the difficulty of finding tutors who have the precise knowledge required to help pupils

  • the importance of building a relationship of trust and confidence between teacher and pupil, without which no real learning can take place

  • the need for tutors to have well developed classroom management skills to ensure learners are fully engaged

  • the importance of gaining the support and engagement of the teachers themselves as their input is key diagnosing and addressing pupils' needs

By working together with our partners EIP will be able to recruit, resource and train the task-force required to deliver face-to-face catch up tuition in core subjects such as Maths and English, as well as providing online tuition for all pupils who wish to access it.   We will be able to identify schools and districts with low uptake and support them with additional resources as well as monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of the NTP programme nationwide.

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